Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Top 3 Places to Visit in Bali, Indonesia

No doubt Asia is a wonderful continent with lots of most beautiful places to visit in the world. And Bali is most beautiful island in Indonesia and even Asia. Here are top three places to visit in Bali:

1.       Nusa lembongan

From surfing to diving, nusa offers everything a tourist can possibly dream of. People who are looking out for a private and lazy, laidback time for themselves can splurge in this island heaven. Whether you are a go-getter or a lie-downer, there are various fun activities for the tourists to indulge in.

2.       Gunung Agung

Agung is a volcano with an enormous and very deep crater that occasionally vents out smoke and steam. The Balinese believe that Mt. Agung is the abode of the gods, and the volcano therefore is revered as sacred. Climbing the mountain takes you through verdant forest in the clouds and rewards with sweeping (dawn) views.

3.       Seminyak

Luxury is synonyms to Seminyak as it has evolved into the go-to destination for the rich and famous. Not for budget friendly crowd, this place boasts of exotic international cuisines, high end shops, and world class spa &health services. It is the resort capital of Bali which provides amenities like private pools, cottages, villas etc.

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