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Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Top places to visit in Hong Kong

When one talks about the beautiful skylines, excited vibes and the wonderful food, Hong Kong is the first place that comes to mind. Tourists are advised to bring a camera along with them if they need to carry back memories from the trip and also to capture the very essence of the energetic place.

When one reaches Hong Kong, they are advised to avail the Octopus card that will help in getting around the place. They cannot be used for the taxi cabs but they can be used as payment for the public transports, vending machines, restaurants, fast food joints and at the convenience stores.

Disneyland - Disneyland of Hong Kong is a world-class theme park and resort which is a must visit place during Hong Kong holiday. There are four themed parks in the Hong Kong Disneyland these are the Fantasyland, the Main Street USA, the Adventure land and the Tomorrow land.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is simply known as 'the Peak'. Victoria Peak is probably Hong Kong's one of the most popular attraction. It is situated in the center of Hong Kong.

Street Markets

Street Markets, Hong Kong

In terms of shopping, there are several high end places and the street markets to suit the needs of the tourists. Before making a purchase, it is best to look around all the shops, compare their prices and then decide upon a place to buy. Hong Kong has an exemption on sales tax. If one really needs to know what Hong Kong is really like, then the street shops are the right place to carry out all the shopping. 

Many of the travel agencies offer the Hong Kong Holiday packages and for the newlyweds, the Hong Kong honeymoon packages. Competitive deals for each of these can be availed and the trip would become easier if there is a guide, since they will know the place in and out. Either a local guide can be hired or the tourists can hire the person from the travel agency from which they have chosen their package. 

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Popular departure hubs or cities in India for Hong Kong Holiday Tour Packages – Hong Kong is number one destination choice for honeymooners as well as families travelling with kids for many reasons from India. Here are some of the popular departure hubs or cities in India. Please click the links below:

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